Cụm máy nén dàn ngưng FROZEN AGA4563EXTHL

cụm máy nén giàn ngưng 1

Cụm máy nén dàn ngưng FROZEN AGA4563EXTHL

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Cụm máy nén dàn ngưng FROZEN AGA4563EXTHL

Dim. Enclosure(In Inches)*Line ConnectionPumpdown 90°F
90% Full
LengthWidthCHSuctionLiquid39.386034.387/8 “Sweat1/2 “Sweat58.68


Cụm máy nén dàn ngưng FROZEN AGA4563EXTHL

General Information
Unit Model AGA4563EXTHL Oil Charge (oz) 65
Unit Bill Of Material 2H5059-2E Oil Type
Application High +20F TO + 55F Weight (lbs) 500
BTUH @ Rating Unit View Horse Power 5 HP
Pressure Low 150 Pressure High 450
Liquid Line Size 1/2 “Sweat Pump Down Capacity 58.68
Suction Line Size 7/8 “Sweat Refrigerant R 22
Air Flow 5000
Electrical Information
Voltage ( 60 Hz ) 200-230-60-3 Voltage Range ( 60 Hz ) 253 – 180
Maximum Fuse Size 45 RLA/LRA 18.8/126
Start Capacitor Mfd/Volt N/A Run Capacitor Mfd/Volt N/A
Fan RLA 1.9 Minimum Circuit Ampacity 27.5
Component Information
Compressor Model AGA5561EXT Compressor Bill of Material AG133RT-003-A4
ESP Relay N/A Relay or Integral Relay Box N/A
Fan 1 84096-1 Fan 2 84096-2
HP Switch 84095-1 Fan Control P70AA118D
Contactor 91014 Suction Valve 31529-1
Receiver 51082-2 Receiver Valve N/A
Condenser 50777-6 Base Valve N/A
Fan Motor 810S186B40 Fan Bracket N/A
Blade 51528-2 Shroud 70611-1
Guard 70832 Teflon Gasket N/A
Accumulators TK00044000 Start Capacitor N/A
Run Capacitor N/A ESP Over Load N/A
OEM Motor N/A Electrical Box N/A
Capacitor Cabinet N/A Control Panel N/A
Crank Case Heater 90699 Power Cord N/A
Low Pressure Control 84026-D Dual Pressure Control N/A
Head Master Valve LAC-5-180-1/2 Check Valve CV-020-1012
Liquid Filter w/sight glass WSG-084S Liquid Valve 31590
Suction Filter 70822-5 Enclosure N/A



Mounting Diagrams

Dim. Enclosure(In Inches)* Line Connection Pumpdown 90°F
90% Full
Length Width CH Suction Liquid
39.38 60 34.38 7/8 “Sweat 1/2 “Sweat 58.68
*) Enclosure Mounting Holes, 26.25*58.5


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